Please note the VR/AR arcade public day is Saturday only – we do not show all games during the week as these are industry and business days.

Virtual Reality is ushering in a whole new era of fully immersive gaming.

The Gaming Arcade at Virtual Reality Show London will highlight cutting-edge VR work being pioneered in this field. The strong development of gaming-ready headsets and controllers, and the adoption of VR as a viable platform for mainstream gaming (in the Playstation VR and Microsoft Xbox One X machines) are allowing gamers to explore large-scale worlds, playing through highly-detailed environments and ultimately having deeper and more profound gaming experiences.


We believe that attending a show isn’t just about looking at technology– it’s about getting involved. The Gaming Zone will be one of ten major features hosted at the show. It will host a range of interactive gaming experiences, allowing visitors to try different hardware setups, explore the hottest platforms and discover the latest releases. For avid gamers, developers and businesses alike, it will present a fascinating snapshot of the VR gaming industry in 2018, and provides an opportunity for interaction, conversation and direct feedback on the immense potential it presents.